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Submissions are now CLOSED – Monday 16th Jan 2023

Our ethos is to break the traditional conference mould, and programme a range of different types of talks and activities, from new research and theoretical explorations through to playtests and creative workshops. In turn, this means we are open to everyone who has something to say, present, create or think about – regardless of background or experience. We are looking for submissions in all areas relating to the use of play or playfulness in relation to adult learning, including – but not limited to – higher and further education, playful workplaces, and lifelong learning.

We are a conference that aims to be inclusive. If your session is accepted, we will support you to build in any flexibility that might make your session more sustainable and inclusive.

Conference Session Offer
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Add the names of all authors, in the order you wish them to appear on the programme. At least one presenter must register by 31st March, and attend the conference 3-5th July. All presenters who wish to attend the conference will be required to pay the conference fee.


Your submission will be judged against the following criteria: 1. Relevance to conference 2. Originality of contribution 3. Contribution to research or practice 4. Clarity and coherence 5. Playfulness of session design
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Explain what people will do and will get from your session, eg. creating, learning, experiencing or taking away with them. This description will be shared with delegates and you will have the opportunity to edit it before the programme is published.
Session Length
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This section will not be shown to delegates but allows you to tell the review panel anything else about your session (including any spoilers!). Please specify any requirements, including whether you would like an outside space.
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The following sections are not editable. If you have any concerns about the day/time or location of your session, please contact the conference committee.
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Note that presenters will need to register to attend the conference in person, so please only submit a session if at least one presenter will be able to attend. Note that we will have reduced fees for presenters and low rates for students.

Abstracts will be published online.