Programme Session Details 2024

Teaching tough topics through play

Corresponding Author: Helen Hill

All authors:

Length: 90 minutes


Climate change… just one of the big topics that it’s difficult to face head-on as educators. It elicits emotions of fear – worrying about getting it wrong, being considered insensitive, inevitable confrontations with climate deniers, or just not feeling equipped enough to teach it. By embracing playful elements we can relieve some of that pressure and create active hope.

For too long we have gone with a doom and gloom message or complete avoidance, so now it’s time for a different approach!

At Be The Future we have developed our own Principles of Climate Play and an 8 step A to G Framework for Playful Conversations. In this session, we will look at the most common challenges for educators in teaching tough topics (using climate change as an example), how you can follow this framework to create change and embrace play whilst still teaching the facts, and how you could adapt the principles to teach other topics.

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