Programme Session Details 2024

Creative Craniums: helping your students think creatively when revising a complex topic that hurts their brain

Corresponding Author: Louise Smith

All authors: Jane Mooney, Silke Conen, Michelle Webb

Length: 60 minutes
Location: Gallery Room 2


The aim of this interactive workshop is to enable you to help your students understand and revise a topic they find challenging, in a creative and playful manner! We will showcase a study skills session delivered to University of Manchester medical students which aims to facilitate the medical students’ learning of a complex subject matter. We will go onto describe how we transferred this session into a University New Academics Programme session, to support academics develop and use a similar session within their own teaching. After this brief introduction to the concepts and transferability to other subject matter areas, we will encourage participants to consider the subject areas that their own students struggle with. Using our unique session plan, we will facilitate the participants (individually or in teams) to develop their own creative session plans specific to the courses they teach. During this part of the session, participants will temporarily transform into students. The ‘students’ will create models and games that will allow a sounder understanding of a complex concept of their choice. We will provide a range of media for this creation e.g. Lego®, Playdoh®, cards, dice. Finally, there will be the opportunity for participants to show, tell and potentially try out other people’s games!

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