Programme Session Details 2024

Play as a catalyst for connection

Corresponding Author: Amale

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Length: 30 minutes
Location: Gallery Room 2


With the rise in coaching, there’s an opportunity to introduce play into the conversation.

In this session, we will cover one key topic: tapping into the power of LEGO Serious Play to create connections on 3 levels: within the individual, with others at work, and with our workplaces as a whole

The session will be super interactive and will encourage attendees to explore what connection means to them in all 3 realms, how it’s currently coming to live and changes they could make to feel more connected to themselves, to their teams and to their workplaces

My approach is a blend of coaching, innovation and facilitation to encourage deep exploration with a playful and lateral twist

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My main channel is LinkedIn & I run a company called The Brick Coach where we use LEGO Serious Play to help teams work better together – a well as training other coaches on how to incorporate it into their practice :