Programme Session Details 2024

Pedagodzilla: Giant Podcasters All-Out Attack

Corresponding Author: Mark Childs

All authors: Mike Collins

Length: 60 minutes
Location: Podcast room


For two years the Pedagodzilla team has produced interviews with delegates, keynote speakers and committee members as well as providing their own reflections on the day’s events. Now we would like to invite other playful learners to take on the role of covering the conference, and give all the unlucky people out there who couldn’t make it to Playful Learning 2024 a flavour of what they’re missing.

First part of the session will be to identify which group you will belong to. Are you an audio specialist? Do you like keeping conversations going? Are you an organiser who is great at keeping people to time? Are you an ideas person who is great at linking pedagogy to other (playful) themes? Or some combination of those or none? Every podcast team is stronger if it has one (or more) of those skills within it.

Each team will produce a podcast summarising a day, for uploading at the end of that day. You get to choose:
Team Baragon: Day 1 podcasters – out of the blocks quickly, but out of the picture quickly. Are you good at picking up things but then want to move on? Team Baragon is for you.
Team Ghidorah: Day 2 podcasters – a bit of time to build up momentum, but more to cover as it’s a full day. You possibly will need three heads.
Team Mothra; Day 3 podcasters – calmer, but providing a comforting finale to the proceedings.

In your giant monster team, we will cover the basics of podcasting. What is a liberating structure? What are the elements of conversation? How does creativity and collaboration change how you engage with an activity?’ We will also cover the basics of using the technology and editing. Though we’re only anticipating minimal post-production, because you’re on a tight schedule here.

The key thing is – and you will know this if you listen to Pedagodzilla – you don’t need to produce anything of professional quality. Just doing it and having fun is the main thing. And hopefully, once you’ve done it once, you’ll be able to go out into the world and conquer it monster-style (the educational podcasting part of it anyway). And at least one of the Pedagodzilla team will be on hand at regular times during the days to help out.

Additional requirements – a room large enough to set up three lots of podcasting equipment for the workshop and then a foyer space for the podcasters to set up for interviewing people. Also the workshop will need to be in the first session to enable team Baragon to get the day 1 episode done.

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