Programme Session Details 2024

Use Taskmaster to Great Effect at the Playful Learning Conference: Your time starts now.

Corresponding Author: Dr Ali Struthers

All authors:

Length: 60 minutes


I’m the creator of the School Tasking outreach project which is now running at 32 universities across the UK and Ireland. The project uses the format of the TV show, Taskmaster, to engage Year 5 children from less-advantaged backgrounds in learning a little bit about law and inspiring them to consider university study as a realistic option for them, should they choose that path.

In this session, I would like to engage the audience in some of the interactive elements of School Tasking to show how they are used within the project, but also to show how using gamification in this way is helping children to retain key information. Conference delegates will be able to have a go at some of the tasks that we use during the project, with a view to showing how the method can be used in teaching more generally. I used Taskmaster elements with my undergraduates, for example, and will speak to this experience alongside discussion of School Tasking.

I’ll provide an overview of some of the key initial data from the project, alongside the more interactive elements of the session. I can also talk to delegates about getting involved with School Tasking at their own institutions.

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