Programme Session Details 2024

Playful Histories

Corresponding Author: Maarten Koeners

All authors: Anouska Cekalovic, Adam Lusby, Maarten Koeners

Length: 60 minutes


Do you feel you want to increase your play in your daily life, building your playful stance? Based on a recent collaboration with Stuart Brown – known from his book “Play: How it shapes the brain, opens the imagination, and invigorates the soul” (Brown, 2009) – this workshop invites you to dive into your playful past to reconnect and discover, take stock in the playful present, and look ahead to your playful future. Sometimes we remember a whole period as just one series of struggles and sorrows, forgetting that amid those, little pearls of fun, joy, laughter, and innocence occurred. It is exactly those gems we will focus on in this workshop. When we enjoy, we blossom, we expand, we create. These actions we rekindle. Furthermore, reflecting, grappling, and playing with your own personal “play history” will empower you to infuse play and playfulness more readily within your professional practice. Within this workshop you will draw, playfully share, stretch, moan, and rejoice! All you need is a willingness to be honest to yourself, open and ready to share and enjoy. Fancy dipping your toes into your playful history to make the future more playful?

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