Programme Session Details 2024

Are you being surveyed? Playfully reimagining the gathering of student views

Corresponding Author: Giskin Day

All authors: David Fernandes Blanco, Tiziana Mangiaratti, Simon Pocock, Basheq Tarifi, Peter Thomas, Hayley Williams

Length: 60 minutes
Location: Terrace Room


Decisions about innovations in HE are increasingly required to be evidence-based. A consequence is that students are relentlessly surveyed, often in tedious ways. Can we be disruptors and create a fun, charming, useful playful survey that overcomes survey fatigue? Of course we can! This workshop will show how an interdisciplinary team pooled their skills and devised a playful survey to inform the design of a new short course for doctoral researchers. Participants will have a chance to play the survey, and gain an insight into the challenges and opportunities the project encountered.

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