Programme Session Details 2024

When life gives you LEGO bricks, build something!

Corresponding Author: Hannah Crooks

All authors: Clarrie Smith, Katie Simpson and Amanda Jefferson

Length: 60 minutes


In this workshop the undergraduate student journey on a 3 year BA(hons) degree will be considered. We will discuss how support can be given to students through adopting a coaching model within group tutorials. This model allows students to consider the support available in their environment and to identify growth opportunities in their studies. These tutorials pose reflective questions and considerations to the students which are brought into life through 3D Lego creations. Students are asked to build something that reflects how they feel or signifies how they interpret that scenario. This is used to remove the daunting prospect of a 1-1 tutorial asking how their studies are going, and instead allows collaborative student engagement and discussion in a supportive environment.

A strategy for a LEGO tutorial can be identified through the acronym LEGO.

L: Lasting; are decisions with the students being made for the short term or the long term in their studies.
E: Execution; how will these terms be implemented and is additional support needed.
G: Growth; what benefit do the term pose for the student and their future.
O: Opportunity; considering the next steps and the student future wider plan.

In the session, you as participants will also be asked to shoulder the role of a student in different scenarios. You will then consider and build the questions posed to you. Opportunities will be allowed for participants to interact, reflect, and deliberate the perspective of the student and how their best interests can be met in the exercise. Thus, considering both the demands of a student, and how growth opportunities can be permitted.

The session will then conclude with examples and opportunities which can be fed forward, with next step options and possibilities. As well as discussion, thoughts, and opinions. We look forward to your ideas, discussions and most importantly, your creations

When life gives you LEGO bricks, build something!

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