Programme Session Details 2024

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Corresponding Author: Rachelle O’Brien

All authors:

Length: 30 minutes
Location: Terrace Room


This session will be a guided exploration of digital escape rooms to explore whether we (collectively as a group) think that digital escape rooms have educational potential, it is hoped by the end of the workshop we will be able to decide whether yes, they do, no they don’t, or we’re not sure.

This exploration will involve a short introductory presentation from myself about my PhD research (it will definitely be short, because it’s very new 🙂 ) and I will ask delegates a series of guided questions to explore digital escape rooms, game mechanics and educational practices so that by the end of the session we can answer the question; do digital escape rooms have educational potential?

During this session delegates will get hands on with different modes of escape room, such as hybrid, digital and physical and experience different game mechanics and narratives. Essentially we will play and deconstruct to help us to answer the question!

In this session delegates can expect to:

– Learn about escape rooms including what they are, how they might be formatted, ways in which they may relate to education and educational practices
– Reflect on and discuss personal experiences and thoughts on escape rooms, or similar activities e.g. puzzles
– Experiment with different types of escape rooms
– An opportunity to work with some likeminded people on some new, or familiar activities
– Work collaboratively through the session to critically reflect on and consider the question ‘do digital escape rooms have educational potential?’

References, web links and other resources:

I will submit these closer to the time!