Programme Session Details 2024

Playtest the AI and Ethics in HE game

Corresponding Author: Geraldine Foley

All authors: tbc

Length: 90 minutes
Location: Gallery Room 2


This interactive session will be an opportunity for participants to play a game prototype that has been co-created with staff and students at UCL on the ethical issues with using AI in academia. The game is being developed as part of a UCL Changemakers project to create a tool for teaching that is accompanied by supporting resources for further discussion.

The aim of the session is to give participants an insight into the co-creation process and help us evaluate and revise the game.

The workshop will be structured as a 60min playtest type activity with a chance for feedback on various aspects of the game and supporting resources (approx. 15mins).
The session will include more detail on the background on the game development process and staff and student feedback to date (approx. 15min).

Players of the game should gain a greater understanding of the ethical issues around generative AI in HE related to, Intellectual Property, Data Protection, Bias, Academic Integrity and Environmental impacts. The finished outputs from this project: game, guidance and supporting resources, will all be licenced with a creative commons license so that they can be used by staff and students in UCL and throughout Higher Education.

References, web links and other resources:

More information about UCL Changemaker projects including details of the AI co-creator projects from 2023 can be found on the UCL website.