Programme Session Details 2024

WorldWide Cruise Line’s Caribbean Cruise (Playful/Serious Boardgame)

Corresponding Author: Clive Ramsden

All authors: n/a

Length: 90 minutes


LIVE action/play of WorldWide Cruise Line’s Caribbean Cruise boardgame. Up to ten players (or 10 groups of players) using ship gamepieces (e.g. cruise ship, sailboat, freighter, clipper ship, catamaran, etc) sail (via rolling two dice) around the gameboard (stylised, accurately depicted map of wider Caribbean).
Players land on and collect islands, or land on and read aloud the text on one of the 400! Island or Ship Cards in the game. Most rolls of dice will land on Island or Ship Squares. Game dives into the reality of 500 years of Caribbean history, with the battles (political, economic, bloody) and wars that were fought to colonise these islands … because of their inherent beauties, natural resources and riches of Nature, [animal life, bird life, underwater life (corals, reefs, fish), crystal-clear waters, sugar (rum) plantations, slave labour, spices, foodstuffs and vegetation, gold, pearls, cacao and gems via the Spanish Main, geographical and political import] … all by would-be conquering nations (English, Spanish, Dutch, French) against local/indigenous peoples.
THE 400 CARDS, [describing 500 years in Caribbean history, (via the 160 islands on the Scorecard), its peoples, cultures, its riches and poverty, from the time of Columbus], are the Focus of the Game, leading up to present-day Caribbean-wide (and local) battles concerning pollution, habitat preservation, conservation and commodities.
The 500 years of Caribbean-themed facts* and history that ALL players learn, (become aware about), via the reading of Cards to other players/adults – and hopefully to smaller, younger, adults playing the Game [aka Children – What is an Adult unless s/he is (primarily) a learned, completed, fully-aware human being, cognisant of the vagaries of the world, honest, a teacher, trainer, guide, and mentor to an adult-in-waiting, so that the younger may be facilitated to become more fully-aware, perceptive, competent, useful, good, productive adults]? THAT’S MY WISH FOR THE GAME.
Reading the Cards out loud (with questions and feedback concerning Card information being encouraged) is a fabulous Caribbean-Experience for ALL players.
Playing on Caribbean-Time, no rush, leaving room for ongoing reflection, contemplation and possible meditation afterwards, is a transmission, a learning, showing a 500-year span in a couple of hours playing-time – a Microcosm reflecting our present-day Macrocosm of social, economic, political malaise that has been inflicted upon the/our present-day world.
CARDS TELL OF: history/battles, goofy cards/spirituality, geography/weather, sailing/diving, languages/architecture, literature/art, politics/economics, negative-themed cards (lose island/s), Carnivals/Voudou, music/dance, temples/slavery, mystery/ritual, the sacred/profane, charity/greed.
GAMEPLAY: 160 different islands on Scorecard (Game needs Captain/Scorekeeper, pencil included) make up different Island/Country groupings (geographically congruent with Caribbean map) – If player collects all islands in small island group (e.g. Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao – Dutch islands) pick up 1 bonus island to add to score, (bigger island groups gained, pick up more bonus islands e.g. Bahamas) – so collecting/losing (bonus) islands important.
Pass Miami (Port of Departure) – collect bonus island.
Players can be Sent To Bermuda via Hurricane Card.
Scorecard(s), provided, constantly evolving.
Player with most islands at end of Game opens WINNER’S ENVELOPE.
* chickcharnies being possible exception.

References, web links and other resources:

My Game, Play, Education and Learning Readings:
(Recently): Johan Huizinga’s book Homo Ludens – A Study of the Play Element in Culture.
(Old reading): Paulo Freire – Pedagogy of the Oppressed.
(Very Recent): Developmental Theories of Piaget and Vygotsky on Education, Learning and Individual Development; Sociocultural Theory. [I’m a Learning in Progress].

Recently printed limited number of copies of the Game, plus framed and numbered, signed over company seal, limited edition (#100) of the Gameboard – see below.
Books written about Caribbean or books by Caribbean writers – please read on the Island and Ship Cards while playing Game.
Caribbean art and Caribbean artist information – please read on Island and Ship Cards while playing Game.

A taste/glimpse of the finished Game may be found at:

For more WorldWide Cruise Line Island and Ship Card information, please come to Playful Learning 2024 and Play WorldWide Cruise Line’s Caribbean Cruise Boardgame 😉
(More or less) 200 Island and 200 Ship Cards (small number of blank Cards for Players to fill in and use for Caribbean travel wishes or previous memories and adventures:
160 different Caribbean Island destinations on Scorecard, grouped into 24 different collectible Island Groupings of differing sizes, delineated by Country:
10 different cruise ship, sailboat, sailing clipper, freighter, catamaran, etc, for use as Gamepieces:
6 copies of Scorecard; ask ship’s Purser for more copies if needed; or print more on home printer:
2 dice:
1 mechanical pencil:
Game Rules:
Winner’s Envelope.