Programme Session Details 2024

Hook a Lecturer!

Corresponding Author: Sarah Goldsmith

All authors:

Length: 60 minutes


I am an FE lecturer looking to ‘hook’ (encourage!) more lecturers in the college to use playful approaches and methods in their teaching. However, many of the lecturers are from industry and do not have the knowledge, experience and understanding of how to do this. They also have a tight curriculum and are short of preparation time. I would like to use this session to further develop ideas about how to playfully encourage and support other lecturers in FE & HE to use more playful approaches to teaching.

So far, I have co-taught one staff training session where we used playful methods to give lecturers some ideas. At a forthcoming staff training session, and based on feedback, we are going to use a card game to help lecturers develop their own playful methods around a specific subject or learning outcome. I will bring this game as a starting point to develop the idea further. Anything that is co-developed can also be used in your own institutions to ‘hook’ other lecturers to the ‘bright’ side!

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