Programme Session Details 2024

Put the learning into work; take the work out of learning

Corresponding Author: Fiona MacNeill

All authors: Rochelle Livingstone

Length: 30 minutes
Location: Terrace Room


Adults may well be natural sceptics while in their working habitat; how can we entice them into learning something? Scepticism is natural when you consider all their previous experiences of learning at work… that informative slideshow that many will not remember, that riveting policy talk, that essential e-learning package. In this session, we’ll take you on a tour of games we’ve designed for various adults working in different contexts and industries. We’ll also give you starting points for designing your own card games to encourage reflection and self-awareness and to support behavioural change. This session is led by designers from Solvd Together, an award-winning learning consultancy that provides bespoke solutions for adult work-based learning requirements.

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