Programme Session Details 2024

Cyber Hunt: Unleashing Cybersecurity Skills Through Gamification

Corresponding Author: Michala Liavaag

All authors: Ana Garner

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Welcome to “Cyber Hunt”: your first mission in the digital realm where the keys to cybersecurity lie hidden in plain sight. This is no ordinary session; it’s a journey into the heart of cyberspace, led by the intrepid Michala Liavaag and the insightful Ana Garner.

Your quest begins in the foyer, where reality bends, and the hunt for cybersecurity mastery takes shape. Armed with nothing but your wits, a selection of the enigmatic ‘Cyber Stage’ deck from Cybility’s ‘CyberDeck7D’ system, and your trusty smartphone, you’ll navigate through a landscape dotted with digital puzzles and clues. Think of it as a treasure hunt where the treasure is invaluable knowledge, and the map is your ability to think like a hacker—and beat them at their own game.

The ‘Cyber Hunt’ is a masterclass in disguise. As you gather pieces of the puzzle, you’re actually collecting the skills to build an impregnable digital fortress. Phishing, malware, ransomware—these terms will no longer be mere buzzwords but the defeated foes in your arsenal of experiences.

But this is not just about the thrill of the chase. Once the hunt concludes, you’ll huddle with fellow cyber adventurers in a seminar setting, transforming your collective experiences into a rich tapestry of learning. Through mentimeter-powered discussions and website-guided reflection, you’ll connect the dots between the game’s challenges and the stark reality of the digital threats we face.

Expect more than just a narrative; this experience is augmented with elements of extended reality, blending the physical and digital worlds in ways that will redefine your concept of learning. You’ll leave not just with a theoretical understanding of concepts like phishing but with the muscle memory of how to thwart such digital dangers.

This workshop is a call to arms for educators, cybersecurity buffs, and professionals hungry to digitize their literacy in an ever-evolving cyber world. Whether you’re looking to buff up your own digital defences or forge a shield for your organization, ‘Cyber Hunt’ is where play meets purpose.

The foyer will transform into a playground of the mind, and with the site’s permission, it will be the stage for your scavenger hunt. Following the opening act—a gripping introductory video—you’ll have 90 minutes of seminar time to dissect your findings and solidify your knowledge.

Your guides on this adventure, Michala and Ana, are no strangers to the world of digital intrigue. They’ve woven their expertise in cybersecurity and educational technology into a tapestry of playful learning, making dense topics not just digestible but downright delightful.

So, are you ready to play the game and change the game? Join us for ‘Cyber Hunt’ and unlock the secrets of cybersecurity, one clue at a time.

About the Presenter(s): The workshop will be led by Michala Liavaag, the founder of Cybility and cybersecurity consultant, and Ana Garner, L&D Consultant. With their combined background in cybersecurity, technology, and andragogy has enabled them to successfully integrate playful learning methodologies into cybersecurity training, making complex topics accessible and engaging for a wide audience.

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