Programme Session Details 2024

A secret bag of play

Corresponding Author: Mette Skovdal

All authors:

Length: 60 minutes


In this session, you will be introduced to a model for a course that can be conducted in a daycare setting.
First, the model is presented visually with brief explanations:
First loop:
• Introduction to improvisation, creativity, breaking habits, and children’s perspectives.
• Planning based on the introduction and “The Secret Bag” (a closed bag with secret contents).
• Practical observations, including 360-degree recordings in practice.
• Reflection on practice based on observations.
• Revisiting practice with a 360-degree recording on your own mobile phone.
Multiple loops are planned and executed based on observations and reflections.
The contents of “The Secret Bag” will vary, ensuring an element of surprise each time. Later in the process, the bag will need to be filled by the staff in one classroom. The bag is then passed on to the staff in another classroom, who will plan an activity based on its contents. And vice versa.

Next, the bag is filled by the children in one classroom and passed on to another classroom, where children and adults together will plan an activity based on the bag’s contents.

The final bag should be empty, thus sparking the staff’s improvisation and creativity.

Afterward, you can try it yourself: Improvisation, creativity, and breaking habits come into play when you explore the “The Secret Bag” and use its materials to plan a playful activity with the other participants. The activity will be carried out and recorded with a 360-degree camera.

Following the activity, you’ll be able to “revisit” it via a link provided on your own mobile phone. You’ll see how observations and the use of the 360-degree camera can enhance reflection on practice in action.

References, web links and other resources: