Programme Session Details 2024

Unleashing playfulness in statistics teaching: a journey from zero to >zero…

Corresponding Author: Emily Harper

All authors:

Length: 60 minutes
Location: Gallery Room 2


The realisation of undergraduate Biosciences students that they haven’t completely escaped having to study maths and statistics often sparks dread, despite how essential these skills are in life sciences and scientific research. Many students have switched off before the teaching is even switched on. In response to these challenges, I have embedded several elements of playfulness to try to convince students that statistics can be engaging, worthwhile, and even a whole lot of fun!.

In this session I will demonstrate how, with the help of AI, I have been able to reinvigorate the Biosciences statistics teaching and participants will have a chance to explore some of the playful aspects used in the statistics classroom. The interactive components of the session include participants creating their own memes, offering a lighthearted and creative outlet to express their feelings about maths. Additionally, participants will be able to explore how a virtual Excel escape room can enhance problem-solving skills and offer a gamified approach to statistics.

Beyond the activities, this session serves as a platform for participants to reflect on elements of their own teaching that are often perceived negatively and embrace the use of digital media in playful practice. Participants are also encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas to collectively improve the playfulness of statistics teaching.

Disclaimer: there is absolutely no requirement to know or understand a high level of maths to join this session, and maths-apprehensive participants are strongly encouraged to join.

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