Programme Session Details 2024

Throwing Shapes and Seeing What Sticks

Corresponding Author: Shura Joseph-Gruner

All authors:

Length: 60 minutes


This session is a section of a workshop that I deliver to students at the London College of Communication, that is aimed at strengthening the links between students’ making and writing practices.

The session is focused on the design practice of iteration i.e. generating ideas and developing them through a process of experimentation and refinement. It starts by inviting participants to produce visual responses from a simple set of stimuli, then to reflect on these results and develop some of them further to generate potentially viable design outcomes.

This session works on the assumption that everyone has the capacity to design and – by taking participants through real-time cycles of iteration, reflection and peer discussion – encourages metacognitive awareness of our unique approaches to design.

Warning: may contain laughter. If you attend this session, you and/or others may produce a silly and ridiculous concept such as a soft drinks brand for snakes (true story) or anything else your own imagination may allow.

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