Programme Session Details 2024

Microbe-games: Revision and playful tools in Higher Education

Corresponding Author: Isabel Murillo

All authors:

Length: 30 minutes
Location: Gallery Room 1


This session will be dedicated to showing and sharing games developed to enhance University students’ engagement with microbiology. These games are revision tools co-created and used by first-year undergraduate students. They are educational but also instrumental in building a cohort community, so crucial in the first year at the university. These games are versatile and could be adapted to any level of knowledge and given multiple purposes.

What will you be doing in this session:
Participants will have the opportunity to try out the games I have developed to teach microbiology at the University of Bristol. I will demonstrate how the games are used and explain the history behind them. I will emphasise the contribution of students as co-creators and show how the games can be adapted to online versions. Participants will be able to play with some sets that I will bring with me. I will present 3 games: What microbe am I?, Microbial Pursuit and MicrobEscape Room. We will also discuss how these games can be adapted to the different participants’ disciplines.

References, web links and other resources:

* Isabel Murillo, Revising while playing: development and evaluation of the newly created Microbial Pursuit game as a pedagogical tool in higher education, FEMS Microbiology Letters, Volume 368, Issue 16, August 2021, fnab101,