Programme Session Details 2024

Differently playful: exploring playfulness as a character trait

Corresponding Author: Charlie Lea

All authors: Nicola Whitton, Laura Mitchell, Paul Rice

Length: 60 minutes
Location: Terrace Room


Playfulness is a state of mind…or is it? In this collaborative workshop, playfulness as a character trait is introduced and interrogated with a focus on different ways of being playful. In this session, we’ll explore an initial set of profiles generated from responses to a large-scale survey and crowd-source interpretations and titles from attendees. Using playful randomisers we will also encourage reflection on the importance of understanding difference, diversity and privilege in playfulness and explore opportunities to be more inclusive and playful in data collection.

What will you be doing in this session:
10 mins – Introduction to background research
20 mins – Interrogation of playful profiles and production of names for factors (small groups)
10 mins – Plenary – sharing of small group ideas
20 mins – Reflection on the implications of diverse playfulness & privilege

When attendees leave this session they will have:

References, web links and other resources:

References, web links and other resources:

Whitton, N (2022) Play and Learning in Adulthood Reimagining Pedagogy and the Politics of Education. Palgrave Macmillan