Programme Session Details 2024

Playful Learning Truth or Dare

Corresponding Author: Claire Timmins

All authors: Suzanne Faulkner

Length: 60 minutes


During the first week of July, innovative, playful people gather to learn and share creative learning ideas. These ideas get taken away to inspire creative practice in adult learning environments. At a Playful Learning Conference, you are surrounded by lots of amazing ideas, with little time to think about how you may have used these, or how you could use them. This session is your chance to share what ideas you have taken away from Playful Learning past or present, or to share new ideas with amazing fellow participants.

In this session, participants will be invited to join small groups for a game of classic ‘Truth or Dare’ but with a Playful Learning theme.

The rules are:

Truth: Should they choose ‘truth’, participants must admit what playful ideas they have magpied from others and share them.

Dare: Should they choose ‘dare’, participants will have to come up with a playful idea on a topic chosen from the roll of a dice.

This session aims to provide a relaxed space for participants to share great ideas from past Playful Learning conferences, and maybe share their own (albeit on the spot) creativity. During the session, participants can use the time to discuss their ‘daring’ ideas with others, to help plan how these could be developed. At the end of the session, we will aim to create a ‘wall of shame (truths)’ and a ‘wall of respect (dares)’ which can be displayed at the conference.

We encourage participants to have think of what ‘truths’ you can bring to share in advance.

(Full credit to Simon Grey’s Playful Breadcrumbs session 2023 for inspiration 😀)

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