#PlayLearn April round-up

We all need an extra dose of playfulness at the moment – welcome to your April round-up, here to encourage a playful attitude for your new daily lives.

First up, the monthly member profile: Introducing James Charnock, everybody’s favourite conference organiser/singer/procrastinator [Editor: seriously – I had to chase this man a lot!]

James Charnock in a Fez

Playful Challenge Time!
In case you’ve spent all month wondering, here are the answers to the March emoji challenge:

  1. 👧👧👧👧👧 = Little Women (featuring the March family)
  2. 👣🐧🐧 = March of the Penguins
  3. 🤫🏠❷ = The Quiet Place 2 (opened this March)

And for your April Playful Challenge we would like you to create and share a photos of your ‘Working at Home’ Assistants – pets, family or inanimate objects posed at your workspace…your co-chairs Katie and Alex share theirs to inspire you:

A lego minifig on a Mac laptop
Alex is hatching a plan…
Katie can’t make it to the office today (Peanut got there first!)

Share your photos on Twitter with #PlayLearn and we’ll include them in next month’s round-up!

Are you in Playful Isolation? As most of us are being asked to stay at home, we thought it was time to think about how play could help us to cope with distance, isolation and unusual situations. We started this blog post, but we’d love to hear your ideas – add them in the comments!

Playful Learning Conference – We are continuing with plans to run PL20 on 8-10th July, with a further decision being made in mid-June. Full update on the conference site.

What’s going on with you? This round-up comes out during the first week of each month. If there is any playful activity/event/book/idea you’d like to share with members in May, then email Katie Piatt or tweet #PlayLearn and we’ll include it!

Take care of yourselves and may your April be playful x