#PlayLearn August round-up

Happy Birthday to the PLA – we are 1! From small beginnings last August, we’ve grown to 262 members.

Happy Birthday spelled out in candles
Happy 2st Birthday to the PLA

August Featured Member – Mathias Poulsen

photo of Mathias Poulsen
Read about Mathias and the places where play is less welcome

Would you like to be featured? Send through 5 photos with captions to tell your playful journey and we’ll include you to appear, one a month!

News from the PLA members:

New book out this week – Bernie DeKoven’s posthumous yet fittingly titled The Infinite Playground

  • “Bernie “Blue” DeKoven was a designer and advocate of play who influenced generations of players and designers. He deeply informed my own understanding of how games and play provide ways of understanding ourselves, each other, and the world. As he battled cancer in his final days, game designer Holly Gramazio worked closely with Bernie on the manuscript, which Celia Pearce and I helped edit into final form. The result is a profound and delightful work that sings with Bernie’s wit and wisdom on every page.” Eric Zimmerman

That’s all for now – keep us updated with your news over the summer and see you in September!

Katie and Alex x