#PlayLearn September round-up

Hello Playful Colleagues and welcome to our September round-up!

This month’s featured member profile is Maarten Koeners

Photo of Maarten Koeners smiling with a laptop
Maarten Koeners

Member News:

Andrew Walsh: Come and join the Adult Play Network! I’m trying to raise the first year platform fees for a network that aims to bring more play to all aspects of people’s lives. Members can get tips, ideas, discussion, challenges, etc around playing as a “grown-up”. Importantly, it also includes the ability to host (free or paid for) online courses, so that a range of us can offer training through the platform, hopefully allowing members to discover training / trainers they wouldn’t otherwise come across. The crowdfunder runs to 18th September: share it around your networks too please! Thanks.


Martyn Ruks: We publicly launched our new online team activity, described as “remote teamworking skills with added goblins” – Knightmare Live – The Online Quest Trailer

ECGBL in Brighton – online 23-25th Sept

The long-running European conference on games based learning (ECGBL) is being held online this year, originally planned to be in Brighton. Katie is hosting on behalf of the University of Brighton, with PLA members Nic and Alex keynoting. Online registration is £50, and available from the ECGBL site.

That’s it for this month. Good luck to everyone preparing/delivering teaching/training/learning for the coming Autumn. We’ll be hosting another PLAy live event mid-Autumn to find out how play has been helping you in these strange times.