Announcing our new Co-Chair 🪑

Congratulations to Andrew Walsh, our new Playful Learning Association co-chair, taking over from Alex Moseley after 14 years in the role!

Alex was one of the founding members of the PLA, and was key to growing the association to it’s 500+ members, instigating the Playful Learning Conference and has likely had a hand in every event, publication and workshop the PLA has ever produced. We will do our best to continue Alex’s good work!

Pictured (Left -> Right): Andy Walsh (new co-Chair from 2024), Katie Piatt (current co-Chair from 2018), Alex Moseley (co-Chair 2010 – 2024) and three duck cookie cutters

Moving forward, every two years, one of the two association chairs will be rotated (after serving a four year term). At that point (next time is October 2025), any committee member who has met the attendance requirements may nominate themselves to stand as the new Chair. The nominees will have a task (chosen by the two current chairs) which will typically involve producing some sort of playful pitch for the rest of the committee to then vote on, resulting in an announcement at the November 2025 face-to-face meeting.

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