Playful Learning May June round-up

Welcome to the latest PLA newsletter / round-up as we’re about to move into blazing June (please stop raining!!!). Lots of lovely things to share this time around, a bit too much to fit into one post, so please check out the links.

Andy, Katie and Alex holding plastic duck biscuit cutters

Announcing our new co-Chair: Thank you Alex and hello Andy! 

Playfulness and Hope at York:  Lots of lovely things happened at York in our last meeting, check out the padlet! Our next PLA meeting will be in November and should be in the Southern half of the UK – if you would like to host that, or a future one, or want to know what we expect from a host organisation, please get in touch.

Playful Music and Puzzle Canons with Daisy Abbott : Music, puzzles and composition! Daisy has written us a guest post on Puzzle Canons, including an example of a labyrinth canon she’s written herself. 

Something to play… “Think with Things” would like to invite PLA members to their upcoming Beta Games Program. They are looking for a group from diverse backgrounds and places to join their co-creation 7-month program. They will share one found object game a week for 30 weeks. The game directions are flexible and can be played with a wide age range and in many context. You can see more here:

Something to read... It’s the Pedagodzilla book! This book without doubt has the best set of keywords ever, including – transformative learning; Muppets; Dunning-Kruger effect; Come Dine with Me; ontology; Stars Wars; behaviourism; Pokémon Go; World of Warcraft; communities of practice: Apollo 13; constructionism; podcast. Check it out

Something to listen to… It’s not just Pedagodzilla that have a podcast! Roger Saunder’s latest podcast episode features Karl McCormack and John Parkin talking about Playmobil Pro – Karl had lots of us playing with Playmobil at a previous Playful Learning conference. S4E23 – Karl McCormack and John Parkin on Playmobil Pro – L&T Chat Show | Podcast on Spotify

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