Meet Sam – PLA member profile

Each month we will introduce a PLA member through 5 photos telling their Playful Learning journey. This month, we introduce you to…

Sam Aston, Learning Development Librarian, The University of Manchester Library

1. Librarians drink tea

So as a Librarian my profession is not associated with play but let’s face it, the librarians’ specialness to travel through time and space places them in strong position to have the capacity to overcome challenges, achieve targets and drink lots of tea.

2. We all need pirates

Being a part of a community of practice for play is hugely important to share and practice ideas with each other so attending conferences and the Playful Learning Association is of value.

2. Watch out for the snakes!

Designing playful games and interactions I often play the game/interaction with others to assess what might need tweaking. This goes for both online and face to face interactions.

4. Are we allowed to draw on the tables?

Designing activities and games for learning I usually incorporate games that I recall from my childhood, my 10 year old is a huge inspiration for these activities.

5. Who doesn’t love a giant Post-it?

As part of my approach to designing classes across a range of disciplines I incorporate creative activity based exercises where students can practice skills in a safe environment so that they feel confident to use the strategy within their practice.

Thanks for sharing your story and your photos Sam.

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