#PlayLearn August Round-up

Hello Playful People – welcome to our first round-up and the official launch of our new website!

Upcoming Playful Opportunities:

  • The next Playful Learning Association face to face event is Nov 21st/22nd at the University of Manchester. Booking will open in October.
  • Game Library Camp – Leeds Central Library, Sat 9th November
    Member Darren Edwards says “our call for proposals is still open and it would be good to get a learning focused session” see: https://librarycamp.game.blog/
  • What else is coming up this year? Check the 2019/20 diary – and look out for the bi-annual elections for PLA Chair coming up in October.

What did you miss?

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Reading and Writing:
Some new articles from the Journal of Play in Adulthood

Fancy getting your work published? The PLA encourages you to submit your work!

Meet Giskin! Each month we will introduce a PLA member through 5 photos telling their Playful Learning journey. This month we feature Giskin Day, Principal Teaching Fellow, Imperial College London. Read Giskin’s story of penguins, puzzles and pirates.

Giskin and 'Breaking Bag'
Giskin Day (left) showing her game ‘Breaking Bag’

That’s all for now, to share your news in the September round-up, just comment below or use #PlayLearn on Twitter.