Meet Giskin – PLA member profile

Each month we will introduce a PLA member through 5 photos telling their Playful Learning journey.

Giskin Day, Principal Teaching Fellow, Imperial College London

Club Penguin Party
I honed my playmaking skills by subjecting my children to elaborate themed parties. This photo shows a puffle-catching game at a Club Penguin party.
Medical Monopoly
Medical Monopoly was one of the first games I designed for students, and it is still my favourite. It’s a heady mix of strategy, puzzle solving and creative challenges played out across museums and galleries in London.
Playful Learning Special Interest Group
One of the best things I’ve ever done is to join the Playful Learning Special Interest Group, now the Playful Learning Association. In this photo are so many of the amazing, inspiring people that have enriched my life. We are gathered here to work on the Playful Learning book.
Pirate conference game
The Playful Learning conference is an amazing annual event. In 2018 I was charged with designing a pirate-themed conference-dinner game that had silly things to do between each course and ended in an epic sea battle. Miraculously, no one was injured in the playing of this game.
I love designing portable escape rooms. ‘Breaking Bag’ – on which I work with a small, talented team of current and former students – is a science-themed escape game in a backpack. We run it at the Great Exhibition Road Festival, in schools and for staff away-days.

Thanks for sharing your story and your photos Giskin.

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