Why Playful Learning?

You know playful learning works, but struggling to find the words to explain the approach to colleagues? Here’s a starter to 10 to help you – let us know what you think in the comments.

Music score labelled 'Playful Kittens'
  • Safe Failure Play enables the creation of safe learning communities and activities in which learners can take risks, fail, learn from that failure, and build resilience.
  • Explore Possibilities Play supports creativity by enabling learners to inhabit other spaces, use their imaginations and explore new possibilities, identities and ways of being in the world.
  • Collaborative Ideas Play breaks down barriers, it gets learners to collaborate and work together and this helps productivity and creativity.
  • Empowerment Play gives learners agency to test, and decide, on their own direction and approach to learning.
  • Memorable Learning Playful approaches can make content more ‘sticky’ and easier to remember. This leads to an improved student experience by enacting innovative and active pedagogies.