#PlayLearn November 2022 round-up

Upcoming Events

A set of paper boats with one larger red paper boat leading the others.

Spaces left! Our next in person PLA event will be held on 17-18th November (join for both or just one of the days) at the University of Huddersfield, exploring the topic of Playful Leadership. We’re currently arranging the agenda – if you are attending and would like to offer a session/playtest/activity please contact the Katie or Alex. Sign up for Huddersfield now (Eventbrite) Free and open to all.

Make a Quest! Daisy Abbott will be running an online Twine workshop on Thursday Nov 24th 2:30-3:30. Free and open to all.

What to watch

Giskin Day gives an interview on how to get started with Playful Learning in this short video on the TImes Higher Education site.