#PlayLearn October round-up

PLAy Date: We had such a good response to our first online event we have decided to do it again! Put Friday November 27th in your diary now and we’ll update you on plans nearer the time. If you would like to offer a session/demo/playtest then drop us a line and we’ll share the programme in next month’s round-up.

Meet Andrew Walsh – a most unusual profile for you this month. I am assured it is all completely true…

Who is the man behind the caterpillar?

Meet Maarten Koeners… again. We featured Maarten last month but failed to notice all the bonus links he had provided in his bio, so do try his profile again, this time with extra links!

Playful News

The Centre for HE Futures (CHEF) at Aarhus University is running their annual Philosophy and Play lecture series online this year, with free events coming up later this month and through November. Information and sign up available on their web site.

Daisy Abbott alerted us to Escape Team : a phone-and-paper immersive puzzle game framework. There are a couple of free games to download and play on their website, but Daisy also shared her work with primary maths students at her local primary school in Glasgow, where she has created seven free mathematical puzzles for you to test your skills on (and see whether you could apply the approach to your own adult context).

All that’s left is to wish you all good luck with the first few weeks of term, prepare your favourite gifs and jokes for when the technology fails you and see you next month!

Turn it off and on again

Katie & Alex